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Publications & Video Presentations

Publications by Moore

2014 National Postconsumer Non-Bottle Rigid Plastic Recycling Report
2014 National Postconsumer Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Report
2014 Postconsumer Plastics Recycling in Canada
2014 US National Postconsumer Plastics Bottle Recycling Report
Report On Postconsumer PET Container Recycling Activity in 2014
Click here for archived Postconsumer Plastic Recycling Reports

A Fresh Film Philosophy   Plastics Recycling Update, August 2016
How do we optimize recycling of thin, flexible plastic?
by Nina Bellucci Butler

2015-16 Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling    July 2016
A study to understand the acceptance of different types of packaging in recycling collection programs and access to those programs.
by RRS and Moore Recycling Associates

Foam PS Drop-off Recycling - Spotlight: Uniek Inc. & City of Madison, WI   July 2015
A case study of Foam PS Drop-off Recycling by the City of Madison, WI

China's New Normal   Resource Recycling, January 2016
Slowing economic growth is shifting the scrap landscape in the world's most populous nation
by Patty Moore

Recycling Is Not Dead   Resource Recycling, July 2015
Commodity prices and material shifts have created a major pinch for MRFs, but there is a straightforward path back to profitability
by Patty Moore

PS Foam Recycing Works at MRFs - Spotlight: Burrtec Waste   July 2015
A case study of Foam PS Recycling at Burrtec Waste in Fontana, CA

PS Foam Recycing Works at MRFs - Spotlight: EDCO Disposal   July 2015
A case study of Foam PS Recycling at EDCO Disposal in Lemon Grove, CA

The Big Apple Made a Big Blunder on EPS   Plastics Recycling Update, February 2015
New York City leaders forgo the opportunity to lead in EPS recycling
by Patty Moore

Green Guardian   Ecycle Best Blog, January 2015
Meet the Green Guardian of the week, Patty Moore

Think Tank   Scrap Magazine, January 2015
Ten questions on the state of the U.S. plastic recycling market
by Patty Moore

Recyclable Alternatives to Single-Use Disposable Beverage Cups for Metro's Visitor Venues   
December 2014
by Tabor Consulting Group and Moore Recycling Associates

Is PET still Fenced in?   Resource Recycling, November 2014
China's PET market after the Green Fence
by Sally Houghton

Cleaning Up Dirty Words   Resource Recycling, November 2014
A resource for improving recycling through better communication
by Stacey Luddy

More Than Just Word Play   Plastics Recycling Update, November 2014
Working toward standard bale-commodity terminology and clearer communication among plastics recycling professionals
by Stacey Luddy and Kara Pochiro

Better Together   Recycling Today, July 2014
Why paper recyclers are getting into film
by Nina Bellucci Butler and Bill Moore

Trending Upward   Recycling Today, July 2014
Challenges to sustaining growth in postconsumer plastics recycling
by Kate Eagles

That’s a WRAP   Plastics Recycling Update, February 2014
A campaign to capture and recycle more film
by Nina Bellucci Butler

Sorting for Value   Plastics Recycling Update, February 2014
by Liz Bedard and Patty Moore

The Sort for Value matrix,  
developed by Moore Recycling Associates for
Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers

Green Fence Update   Resource Recycling, October 2013
by Patty Moore and Sally Houghton

Plastic Recycling Collection National Reach Study: 2012 Update
by Moore Recycling Associates

Analysis of Flexible Film Plastics Packaging Diversion Systems   
February 2013
by Reclay StewardEdge with Resource Recycling Systems and
Moore Recycling Associates

Wisconsin Plastics Recycling Study Executive Summary  
October 2012
by Foth Infrastructure & Environment and Moore Recycling Associates

Wisconsin Plastics Recycling Study  
October 2012
by Foth Infrastructure & Environment and Moore Recycling Associates

Is Your Future in Plastics?   Scrap, May/June 2012
A few things you should know before
entering the plastics recycling business

Plastic Film and Bag Recycling Collection: National Reach Study   
April 2012
by Moore Recycling Associates

Waste Not, Want Not. How Paying Attention to Your "Waste Chain" Can Create a Sustainable Supply Chain
by Moore Recycling Associates

Other Notable Publications

Expert Remains Optimistic About Plastic Recycling   Plastic News, April 2016
Patty Moore and Nina Bellucci Butler remain optimistic despite a challenging plastic recycling market.

Rules to Recycle By   Consumer Reports, May 2015
Patty Moore offers tips on how to be a better recycler

Keeping Bags at Bay with Bans, Fees, Education and Labeling   Waste 360, May 2015
Nina Butler highlights household film that can be recycled, where to recycle bags and film and the importance of education and labeling

Rules to Recycle By   Consumer Reports, May 2015
Patty Moore offers tips on how to be a better recycler

How Packing Peanuts Could Power Your Phone   Forbes, April 2015

Mayor's Art Show
Review of artist Peggy Spiess' work

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Video Presentations

The Waste Sleuth Investigates (links to Vimeo and YouTube)

Foam PS Recycling the full story:
Part 1 Polystyrene Recycling
Part 2 Plastic Recycling, Inc.: Ready to Recycle

Curbside Foam PS Recycling in 5 minutes
Polystyrene Can Be Recycled

Videos by Patty Moore (links to YouTube)

Plastic Recycling: The Truth Behind the Myths
Fossil Fuel Plastics and the Degradable Additives Scam
Plastic Recycling in China, Part 1
Plastic Recycling in China, Part 2

Video from the Northern California Recycling Association

Point of Return
What happens to recyclables after they leave the curb? This 17-minute documentary uses Oakland as a case study to explore local choices and their regional and global impacts.

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